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A report from the Krita Sprint 2014

A few days ago we had the Krita Sprint 2014 in Deventer. It was very productive, with all expected topics discussed but also unexpected improvements that came from it. The first day, I spent some time testing the cintiq 13hd on linux, and noticed that sadly the calibration in kcm-wacom-tablet module didn’t work at all […]

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LGM 2014, one more year of awesomeness in Libre graphics software

Here’s my report of the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 that took place in Leipzig last week: -Very nice people -Awesome projects -Productive connections -Time was flying (and a quadcopter drone too… ;P ) Seriously, it has been one more impressive meeting, big thanks to the organisers who made very good work! And again, very big […]

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Plans for Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

If you don’t know about it already, the Libre Graphics Meeting is the most important yearly event for everyone involved in Free and Open Source software related to Graphics, developers and users altogether. This year it will take place from 2-5 April 2014 at University Leipzig. The Libre Graphics Meeting has always tried to reimburse […]

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Update for the Krita workshop at Capitole du Libre

I already announced some time ago the Krita workshop planned during the Capitole du Libre and Akademy-Fr 2013, but here’s a cool update: David Revoy (aka Deevad) will join me to teach a complete anime-style workflow. As already planned, I’ll do the part about drawing toon line art and flat coloring, and he will add […]

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Freestyle Fiction 01-B released, and next Krita conference

Hey, Here is the second part of Freestyle Fiction first episode, both in original French and English translation. Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 – part B FRENCH Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 – part B ENGLISH Creative-Commons BY-SA license. Again, these pages were entirely made from scratch using Krita, on Linux (Manjaro 64bit, custom KDE […]

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