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Comics page…

A little post to tell you that I finally added a page on my website with all my comics. Better late than never. They were all released previously on my blog, and some of them were missing the license info which are now on this page. Also I re-licensed some pages from CC BY-NC-ND to […]

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A report from the Krita Sprint 2014

A few days ago we had the Krita Sprint 2014 in Deventer. It was very productive, with all expected topics discussed but also unexpected improvements that came from it. The first day, I spent some time testing the cintiq 13hd on linux, and noticed that sadly the calibration in kcm-wacom-tablet module didn’t work at all […]

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Freestyle Fiction 01 – part C

Here is the third part of my little comics project “Freestyle Fiction”, of course once again all made from scratch using Krita on linux and a good old intuos3 graphic tablet. I used the 2.8 development version to keep tracking bugs and to check that my usual workflow was not broken before the 2.8 release […]

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Freestyle Fiction 01-B released, and next Krita conference

Hey, Here is the second part of Freestyle Fiction first episode, both in original French and English translation. Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 – part B FRENCH Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 – part B ENGLISH Creative-Commons BY-SA license. Again, these pages were entirely made from scratch using Krita, on Linux (Manjaro 64bit, custom KDE […]

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Gmic Colorize-Comics working in Krita

Thanks to the sponsored work by Lukáš Tvrdý, we now have G’mic working directly inside Krita in current git master version !! There are still a few bugs and missing features, but a lot of filters can work, including “Colorize Comics”. Here’s a little example with a frame from “Freestyle Fiction” part2 (to be released […]

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