LGM 2014, one more year of awesomeness in Libre graphics software

Here’s my report of the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 that took place in Leipzig last week:
-Very nice people
-Awesome projects
-Productive connections
-Time was flying (and a quadcopter drone too… ;P )

Seriously, it has been one more impressive meeting, big thanks to the organisers who made very good work!
And again, very big thanks to KDE e.V. for supporting me to can represent Krita there.
I could make a workshop about managing all kinds of assets in Krita, and participants were very happy about it. I also improvised a little lightning talk to forward the Krita Steam early access announcement that happened the same week.

Then, lots of unexpected productive discussions:
-I spent lot of time talking with Tom Lechner and learned some cool fanzine production tips, that make me want to do some now. And he’s a crazy good independant comics artist, so it was very inspiring to can discuss comics related topics with him.
He also has developed incredibly good new tools in his Laidout software, I definitely must give them a try! And I hope to see some of these tools included in others libre graphics software at some point, as he’s been working on the Tool Sharing concept..

-I met Manuel Quiñones, the one who made the xsheet-mypaint branch two years ago for a local animation production in Argentina. He is now working on a new “Xsheet” animation software from scratch using libmypaint for the brushes and GEGL as “canvas engine”. Again it was really good to can meet him and discuss animation related projects, and how his xsheet software could be used in combination with the Krita animation plugin that is in progress.

-David Tschumperlé from Gmic was there too for the first time, so it was great to finally meet him personally as we worked together recently on the colorize-comics filter. I hope to can send him good ideas for some new Gmic filters soon.

And of course all the other presentation and workshop topics were immensely interesting for someone working in graphics: fonts creation, raw photography workflow, all kinds of 3D work with Blender, Inkscape and SVG specs evolutions, the Libre Graphics Magazine team talks…

It was cool to see the Gnome design group talk, but then I’ve been thinking that the new Visual Design Group in KDE community was badly missing, so I hope some of them will be able to come next year.

Look forward to the conference videos that should be online soon, and the first LGM-people aerial-group-video recorded by Jakub Steiner from his funny quadcopter!

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Krita Training Session Next Month

For the second year, next month I’ll run a professional training session about drawing with Krita at ActivDesign in Rennes.
It will take place the week right after the Libre Graphics Meeting, from 7 to 9 April.
It is still possible to register if you’re interested (note: french-speaking session).


Besides, if you want some local personal training about Krita, in French like this time but also in English, you can always contact me directly on my contact page.

Here a little illustration made for the guide to Krita 2.8′s features pdf file, as you must already know 2.8 has been released a few days ago ;.)


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Freestyle Fiction 01 – part C

Here is the third part of my little comics project “Freestyle Fiction”, of course once again all made from scratch using Krita on linux and a good old intuos3 graphic tablet.
I used the 2.8 development version to keep tracking bugs and to check that my usual workflow was not broken before the 2.8 release (which should happen in a few days now).

If you missed the first parts, go get those first here:

And so the next pages:
Freestyle Fiction 01 – part C – French
Freestyle Fiction 01 – part C – English

comics preview picture

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Plans for Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

If you don’t know about it already, the Libre Graphics Meeting is the most important yearly event for everyone involved in Free and Open Source software related to Graphics, developers and users altogether. This year it will take place from 2-5 April 2014 at University Leipzig.

The Libre Graphics Meeting has always tried to reimburse travel costs of participants actively contributing to the meeting. You can help funding this event with a donation to the Pledgie campaign here.


And so now I’m very happy to can tell you that my workshop proposal for the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 has been accepted.
It will be a 2 hours workshop about “Creative resources creation and management in Krita”.
I’ll show participants how to create all kinds of creative resources in Krita to customize their tools.
This will cover creation and management of:
-Workspace settings
-Document templates
-Brush presets
-Brush masks
-Color palettes
-Vector shapes

It is currently scheduled for Saturday at 10:00.

The program has been published here, and this workshop will actually happen on Thursday April 3rd, from 12h10 to 14h10.

Cya there!

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Update for the Krita workshop at Capitole du Libre

I already announced some time ago the Krita workshop planned during the Capitole du Libre and Akademy-Fr 2013, but here’s a cool update:
David Revoy (aka Deevad) will join me to teach a complete anime-style workflow.
As already planned, I’ll do the part about drawing toon line art and flat coloring, and he will add a part about toony painted background.
Check his blogpost, or just watch this cool result example:


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