Plans for Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

If you don’t know about it already, the Libre Graphics Meeting is the most important yearly event for everyone involved in Free and Open Source software related to Graphics, developers and users altogether. This year it will take place from 2-5 April 2014 at University Leipzig.

The Libre Graphics Meeting has always tried to reimburse travel costs of participants actively contributing to the meeting. You can help funding this event with a donation to the Pledgie campaign here.


And so now I’m very happy to can tell you that my workshop proposal for the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 has been accepted.
It will be a 2 hours workshop about “Creative resources creation and management in Krita”.
I’ll show participants how to create all kinds of creative resources in Krita to customize their tools.
This will cover creation and management of:
-Workspace settings
-Document templates
-Brush presets
-Brush masks
-Color palettes
-Vector shapes

It is currently scheduled for Saturday at 10:00.

The program has been published here, and this workshop will actually happen on Thursday April 3rd, from 12h10 to 14h10.

Cya there!

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