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A little QML application

I’ve often been missing an easy way to browse through audio sample files. A few composition software have one embeded, but not all. And sometimes I just want to check a sample pack quickly, without opening a big complete DAW application. As I was looking for an exercise to practice more QML and remembered this, […]

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Freestyle Fiction 01-B released, and next Krita conference

Hey, Here is the second part of Freestyle Fiction first episode, both in original French and English translation. Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 – part B FRENCH Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 – part B ENGLISH Creative-Commons BY-SA license. Again, these pages were entirely made from scratch using Krita, on Linux (Manjaro 64bit, custom KDE […]

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I’m Going to Akademy 2013

This year for the first time I’ll go to Akademy, the annual world summit of KDE. It will take place in Bilbao, from 13th to 19th of July. There I’ll make a talk about “Krita progress”, showing the cool new features that can help a lot for comics and animation workflow. Check the full program […]

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Back from the “Future Tools” LGM 2013

I’m just back home from the Libre Graphics Meeting 2013, which was once again awesome! It happened in Madrid this time, at the Medialab-Prado. There were a lot of interesting talks and workshops, mixing coder and artistic topics. All kinds of graphics-related activities were represented, including image manipulation, typography, illustration, animation, design, and more. The […]

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Animation in Krita: one more step!

Today a new cool feature arrived in Krita development version (many thanks to Boudewijn Rempt who did it): the “LayerGroupSwitcher”. Basically it’s just two little shortcuts (not assigned by default), that switch to next or previous group layer, hiding the previous group and showing the current one. With this it’s much faster to work on […]

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