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Some postcard illustrations to help KDE through the winter…

If you’re following KDE community news, you probably already know that we’re running a donation campaign to help funding KDE community costs for next year. Everyone giving at least 30€ will recieve a cool postcard featuring Konqi, choosing one of the three models available. So here are the three illustrations I made for these cards: […]

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A report from the Krita Sprint 2014

A few days ago we had the Krita Sprint 2014 in Deventer. It was very productive, with all expected topics discussed but also unexpected improvements that came from it. The first day, I spent some time testing the cintiq 13hd on linux, and noticed that sadly the calibration in kcm-wacom-tablet module didn’t work at all […]

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Krita Training Session Next Month

For the second year, next month I’ll run a professional training session about drawing with Krita at ActivDesign in Rennes. It will take place the week right after the Libre Graphics Meeting, from 7 to 9 April. It is still possible to register if you’re interested (note: french-speaking session). Besides, if you want some local […]

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Update for the Krita workshop at Capitole du Libre

I already announced some time ago the Krita workshop planned during the Capitole du Libre and Akademy-Fr 2013, but here’s a cool update: David Revoy (aka Deevad) will join me to teach a complete anime-style workflow. As already planned, I’ll do the part about drawing toon line art and flat coloring, and he will add […]

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Krita 2.6 released

Hi, This week the Calligra suite released version 2.6, including latest stable Krita. Lots of cool stuff (though more cool features are already in master branch, waiting for 2.7… ). The official announcement is here on Krita.org, including a nice presentation booklet. This release introduce the new icon I’ve made, based on the Krita Sketch […]

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