LGM 2012 : Krita Workshop report

More details about the Krita workshop I made at Libre Graphics Meeting last week:

The goal of this workshop was to teach my workflow to use Krita for comics-style drawing.
After some explanations about my hardware and shortcuts setup (as some of you may know I use a joypad for all my shortcuts, using Qjoypad to map the keys, as my tablet-setup desn’t allow me for a keyboard access easily), I started opening a sketch of a “Libre Graphics Captain” super-hero that I prepared for the occasion:

Libre Graphics Captain - base

Then I explained how I ink and color it quickly. For the ink, most important points are to choose the right presets, and to be confortable drawing energic strokes , using a lot the canvas pan and rotation shortcuts to adapt the canvas position to your movement. Then for color, a first step to fill the areas with base colors, then a few layers over it using blending modes to apply shadows and highlights, using the “layer groups + alpha disable” mask trick, and a final layer using color-smudge brush to paint details/corrections. I did the demo on the face only, to fit the workshop timing; also I added a few modifications following the audience suggestions 😉 :

Libre Graphics Captain - lgm2012

Then I finished it at home, here is the final result (you can notice I’ve re-painted all the light as I made them in the wrong direction at the workshop 😛 …) :
Libre Graphics Captain - Finished

Again I want to say that I’m very happy of how the place was filled with great people and everyone was very interested, asking good questions.
Thanks for coming!

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