Going to LGM 2012

This year again I’m going to Libre Graphics Meeting (which is in Vienna this time, see my previous post).
I’ve submitted a Krita workshop about comics illustrations, and a collaborative talk+demo with Lukáš Tvrdý about Krita news.
Many thanks to KDE e.V. who accepted to support the Krita team for our participation there!

Also I’ve submitted two small talks about Synfig studio (the first about tracing a frame, the second about animating it), to show some useful tips and tricks. It’s a very powerful software, but as it contains so much features (including many original ones you may never have seen elsewhere) it can be quite difficult to find out what you need when you start using it. Also LGM will be a good place to launch a call for participation, as I know the Synfig project is looking for more developers and users involved in the community to give some help.

See you there?! ;.)

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