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Namaste ! (on the road to Swatantra 2017)

This is a little blog post from India. I’ve been invited to give not one, but two talks at Swatantra 2017, the triennial conference organised by ICFOSS in Thiruvananthapuram (also known by its shorter old name, Trivandrum), Kerala. I’ll have the pleasure to give a talk about GCompris, and another one about Synfig studio. It’s […]

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Lunatics production: Plan B started

Hi, As the Kickstarter for the full production of the pilot was likely not going to succeed, Terry launched “Plan B”: He cancelled this “too big for now” kickstarter and launched another one, much smaller, to fund the animatics and audio recording for the pilot. Check the details HERE. Let’s hope this one will succeed, […]

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Lunatics production Kickstarter launched

Since a few days the Kickstarter fund-raising for the Lunatics animation production has begun! For those who don’t know Lunatics yet, it’s a project of animation (mostly cell-shaded 3D + some 2D) telling a “realistic” science-fiction story about the first settlers on the Moon. The project is using only free-software for production, and the result […]

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Starting work for the Lunatics project

Hi, I’m so excited to tell you I’m now part of the Lunatics project animation team 🙂 All useful informations on the project website: http://lunatics.tv/ This week I’ve made some work for the teaser that you’ll can see soon. The production of the pilot episode should start in September, and I’ll work mostly on the […]

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Another Krita painting, and thoughts about working color spaces

Here is a fun painting I did in my free time to keep on testing Krita before the next update release. “Lobo vs the Mutant-Squirrel” ( Lobo is a character of DC Comics; Mutant-Squirrel is just a random mutant-squirrel 😛 ) For this one, I’ve worked on a 16bit/channel canvas, using scRGB color space. Then […]

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