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Gmic Colorize-Comics working in Krita

Thanks to the sponsored work by Lukáš Tvrdý, we now have G’mic working directly inside Krita in current git master version !! There are still a few bugs and missing features, but a lot of filters can work, including “Colorize Comics”. Here’s a little example with a frame from “Freestyle Fiction” part2 (to be released […]

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Another Krita painting, and thoughts about working color spaces

Here is a fun painting I did in my free time to keep on testing Krita before the next update release. “Lobo vs the Mutant-Squirrel” ( Lobo is a character of DC Comics; Mutant-Squirrel is just a random mutant-squirrel 😛 ) For this one, I’ve worked on a 16bit/channel canvas, using scRGB color space. Then […]

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Using Oyranos on Kubuntu 12.04

°°° UPDATED 15/06/2012: -Added missing dependencies in install step -Fixed a typo in the CMAKE line which installed result in a wrong path. -Edited again: cleaner folders °°° Here is a little tutorial to help you install the powerful Oyranos Color-Management-System on Kubuntu 12.04 (at least on a KDE/Plasma desktop, as the Kolor-manager simple interface […]

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