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Breeze everywhere

The first half of this year, I had the chance to work on icon and design for two big free-software projects. First, I’ve been hired to work on Mageia. I had to refresh the look for Mageia 6, which mostly meant making new icons for the Mageia Control Center and all the internal tools. I […]

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Krita Training Session Next Month

For the second year, next month I’ll run a professional training session about drawing with Krita at ActivDesign in Rennes. It will take place the week right after the Libre Graphics Meeting, from 7 to 9 April. It is still possible to register if you’re interested (note: french-speaking session). Besides, if you want some local […]

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KXStudio, a good audio distribution using KDE

Since a few months my main computer is running a special Ubuntu-based distribution called KXStudio. It’s actually a set of PPAs on top of ubuntu repositories, meant to provide updated and additional audio-creation software. Also it’s using KDE Plasma as official desktop, with a very good default configuration and an up-to-date 4.9.5 version. So if […]

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