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Freestyle Fiction: first pages update

Here is an update of the first pages of my new comics project. I released those last month in french only, and with almost only “auto-colors” (with the new G’mic filter…). So I’ve updated the colors adding some simple shadings, and added the english version for all the non-frenchies ;.) Freestyle Fiction – Episode 01 […]

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A great and unexpected first Akademy experience

I’m back now from Akademy 2013 in Bilbao. It was a great event where I could meet so much great people from the KDE community. The kind of moment you don’t sleep a lot as there are always nice people to share a cool moment, being communicative and creative, and that at the end you […]

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New comics project

Finally, after quite a long time, here are the first pages of my new comics project, using Krita development version from scratch (well, almost only as you’ll see further). So enjoy, it’s only a few pages for now but hopefuly the next parts will come faster. I made only French version for now, I’ll publish […]

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I’m Going to Akademy 2013

This year for the first time I’ll go to Akademy, the annual world summit of KDE. It will take place in Bilbao, from 13th to 19th of July. There I’ll make a talk about “Krita progress”, showing the cool new features that can help a lot for comics and animation workflow. Check the full program […]

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LGM 2012 : Krita Workshop report

More details about the Krita workshop I made at Libre Graphics Meeting last week: The goal of this workshop was to teach my workflow to use Krita for comics-style drawing. After some explanations about my hardware and shortcuts setup (as some of you may know I use a joypad for all my shortcuts, using Qjoypad […]

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