GCompris needs your help!

At the beginning of this month, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to support my project to work on the artwork and graphics redesign for GCompris. The goal of this project is to provide better unified graphics to all different activities inside GCompris. It is quite a big work, so I really need some financial support to work on it fast enough.

The fundraiser started very good, but then we had less contributions in the next days.. We need to make more noise and reach more pepole, so please donate and keep spreading the word to your friends and family. Still I want to thank all who already donated and/or left some nice comments. As well I want to thank Mageia.org for their nice support, see their interesting blog post about it.

I count on your support, and hope the spirit of Christmas will help us.
And by the way, I wish you all some happy holidays!

GCompris crowdfunding


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