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Lots of Krita news!

Some exciting news about Krita: -We now have a Krita foundation, “to support and further the development and use of Krita in any way imaginable”. It is now possible to subscribe to Krita development funding, check the link to know more about it. -We just launched a contest to draw a new portrait of Konqui, […]

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Krita demo @ Minecon

Last week-end, I was at “Minecon 2012” in Disneyland Paris, doing some Krita sketch demos at the Intel booth. The demos topic was drawing people’s portrait in a speedpainted minecraft style, which was a fun work. People looked very interested in Krita sketch and touch painting, so I think it was successful. Also it was […]

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Another Krita painting, and thoughts about working color spaces

Here is a fun painting I did in my free time to keep on testing Krita before the next update release. “Lobo vs the Mutant-Squirrel” ( Lobo is a character of DC Comics; Mutant-Squirrel is just a random mutant-squirrel 😛 ) For this one, I’ve worked on a 16bit/channel canvas, using scRGB color space. Then […]

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