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LGM 2012 : Krita Workshop report

More details about the Krita workshop I made at Libre Graphics Meeting last week: The goal of this workshop was to teach my workflow to use Krita for comics-style drawing. After some explanations about my hardware and shortcuts setup (as some of you may know I use a joypad for all my shortcuts, using Qjoypad […]

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Krita 2.4 official release

Yeah! Finally the Krita team is proud to release the 2.4 version, along with the Calligra suite. Check the annoucement on the website. This release is dedicated in memory of Jean Giraud aka Moebius, whose work has always been a great source of inspiration, and will stay in my memory. To celebrate this release, I’ve […]

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Going to LGM 2012

This year again I’m going to Libre Graphics Meeting (which is in Vienna this time, see my previous post). I’ve submitted a Krita workshop about comics illustrations, and a collaborative talk+demo with Lukáš Tvrdý about Krita news. Many thanks to KDE e.V. who accepted to support the Krita team for our participation there! Also I’ve […]

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Krita DVD and comics released, and other great news

Hey, As you may already know if you follow the news on , the DVD tutorial “Comics with Krita” and the comics coming with it have been released. Last week-end, I’ve signed all pre-ordered comics and they’ve been sent this week, so you should get your order soon (if you haven’t already!). And for […]

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Krita Training DVD: pre-order start

Hi, I’m happy to say today we’ve opened pre-orders for the Comics+DVD I’m working on. For those who don’t know yet, it’s a training dvd about drawing comics with Krita, with a printed comic-book showing the result. Find it HERE on KRITA.ORG Preview trailer:

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