Using Oyranos on Kubuntu 12.04

UPDATED 15/06/2012:
-Added missing dependencies in install step
-Fixed a typo in the CMAKE line which installed result in a wrong path.
-Edited again: cleaner folders

Here is a little tutorial to help you install the powerful Oyranos Color-Management-System on Kubuntu 12.04
(at least on a KDE/Plasma desktop, as the Kolor-manager simple interface is on the KDE systemsettings panel, I’m not sure how to use it on other desktops).

So first thing to do is to add the getdeb repository to your system, as the latest Oyranos core is available from there.
– download the GetDeb repository installer , then double-click on it and install.
-in a terminal, run:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential git cmake oyranos liboyranos-dev oyranos-icc oyranos-doc kdelibs5-dev xcalib libyajl-dev
sudo apt-get build-dep calligra

(the last line installs the packages needed to build calligra, which includes almost every packages needed to build kolor-manager; the few missing packages are on the previous apt-get line)

Now that oyranos core is installed, you’ll want to use kolor-manager, which is a simple interface to setup oyranos easily.
Unfortunately, it’s not packaged yet on get-deb, so you’ll have to build it.

You’ll have to download the sources on a folder called, for example, src ,
then create a build to compile in it,
then install in a third folder, called for example inst.
All this in a folder in your home, so it’s not mixed with system packages.

So to do all this, open the terminal and type these lines:

mkdir oyranos
cd oyranos
mkdir src
cd src
git clone git://
cd ..
mkdir inst
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/oyranos/inst $HOME/oyranos/src/kolor-manager
make install

Then in .profile (hidden file in your home folder, if it doesn’t exist already create one), add this line:
export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIRS:$HOME/oyranos/inst
In case if you need several of these paths (like here I’ve another one for calligra/krita), separate them with : like this:
export KDEDIRS=$KDEDIRS:$HOME/kde4/inst:$HOME/oyranos/inst

Now Restart your session, and you’ll can find the color management in the systemsettings panel 🙂

Then in the parameters, you can define default profiles for all kinds of colorspaces.
I leave you the fun to discover all the features inside… Enjoy!

(Note: Like always when you build software, it depends on libraries installed on your system. I’ve tried to list all those needed in the apt-get install line, but I may have missed some as I already built several other softwares hereEDIT: Updated tutorial, shouldn’t miss any dependencies now… If you have an issue at some point, feel free to send me an email using the contact form, with the output of the terminal pasted in it, so I can identify any missing libraries or other issues and fix this tutorial.)

(Note2: If you only want the Oyranos packages and no other update from get-deb, you can disable the repository after installing it so it doesn’t bring unwanted updates next time you’ll update your system. This is easy to do using Muon or Synaptic package managers for example…)

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